A message to all of our friends in the academic community

Over the years, we at Blabberize have had tremendous support from our friends in the academic community, and we've loved seeing how our tools help bring classroom lessons to life. As all of our communities deal with the growing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we feel particularly strongly about supporting our teacher and school administrator friends during this time.

We have been working on this teacher-centric version of Blabberize for several months now and had planned to launch soon, but as we've realized that schools across the globe are already moving toward remote lessons and have an increased dependence on online tooling, we've made a push to make Blabberize EDU available at a reduced price for a limited time.

To our existing users, thank you again for all your support over the years. To new visitors, welcome to Blabberize - we hope you and your students have a great time experimenting with our tools. And to everyone - please stay healthy and safe!

Subscription Options

If you have a Blabberize EDU account and would like to renew or upgrade your subscription, please email us!

Feature Details

First off: what is Blabberize Edu? How's it different from regular Blabberize?

Blabberize Edu is a version of Blabberize designed to help teachers and students have a better experience using Blabberize in the classroom. Some of the things you can do specifically with Edu are:

  • No more need to share your username and password with 30 students!
    • Setup individual accounts for yourself and each student
    • All students and teachers in the class can share their blabbers with other members of the class
  • Organization of assignments
    • Create separate classes/groups/assignments that students can submit blabbers to
  • Special teacher privileges
    • Invite other teachers to create accounts and manage classrooms
  • Safe Space
    • Keep out the noise of other Blabberize users: the blabbers you see are only those made by members of your class
  • No Ads!
    • Reduce the risk of distracting ads showing up while students work.
    • No ads means better privacy protection for your students (and you)