Blabberize EDU FAQ

General FAQ

  • Embed Bandwidth

    • What is embed bandwidth?

      Embed bandwidth is how many bytes of outgoing data transfer we allow views of your embedded blabbers to consume. But what does that mean?
      Everytime you do anything on the internet, information moves from one computer to another. One common unit of measure for this transfer is bytes, which is a measure of the little ones and zeros that shoot across cables and into your computer, to be assembled as a wonderful talking alpaca or what-have-you.
      The catch is, this actually costs money. It doesn't cost that much for a single blabber, or even for a single person's blabbers, even if they make a lot of blabbers. But if we have to foot the bill for millions of people who make one blabber each, it adds up quick.
      On the site, we can put in ads or try other tricks to try and mitigate costs; with embeds, the most control we have is pulling the plug when a user gets too expensive.
      However, as an individual user's cost isn't so high, you individual users out there can feel free to buy more transfer bytes for your embeds.
      You could also get a premium membership, it comes with a higher monthly allowance of transfer bytes.
      You can check the current status of your embed bandwidth usage here.
    • What's the difference between monthly and overflow bandwidths?

      Your subscription plan (or lack thereof) determines your monthly allowance. Once this is used up, you start using your overflow. Unused overflow carries over from month-to-month, so you can buy some just in case, and it won't go to waste.
    • You're using the word "Bandwidth" wrong.

      Yeah, it's something of a misnomer. The word "bandwidth" is best used to denote how much data can be sent in any particular instance - how much you can send at once.
      Data allowed over time would be something more like "outgoing data tranfser allotment", but we decided that was pretty awkward. And, since all the other media sharing sites seem to use the term, we decided not to confuse things.
      Also, that isn't a question. Next?
  • Video Conversion

    • Why do blabbers need to be converted to to video - aren't they videos already?

      Nope! Blabbers are a highly-tuned, custom-built technology we designed to deliver world-class ridiculous talking pictures to your computer screen in the most efficient way possible. This means no clunky streaming video like some sites I could mention - so 2006!
      But this does mean we had to write a special converter to change them into videos for importing into other programs.
      And we did, so now you can.
    • My video conversion had errors; what do I do about it?

      The system should have logged the error already. We'll fix the problem as soon as we can, and either run the conversion again for free, or refund the converison ticket.
      If we don't get it in 48 hours or so, or if you desperately need it right this minute, let us know here. No guarantees on the rush jobs, but we'll try.
  • Blabber Player Errors

    • Player Error: Personal Bandwidth Exceeded. What's that mean?

      This means you're out of embed bandwidth. Check here to see how much embed bandwidth you've used and have left; check here to learn more about embed bandwidth.
      Or, go buy more here.
    • Player Error: Bandwidth Emergency. What's that mean?

      This happens when the website is experiencing high traffic, and we've had to restrict it for a bit. We should fix it fairly quickly.
    • Player Error: Bandwidth Undefined. What's that mean?

      If you see this, our servers couldn't retrieve your bandwidth information. This may fix itself fairly quickly - if it doesn't, let us know here.
    • Player Error: Error Loading. What's that mean?

      This one means the blabber player couldn't load something important. This is probably due to not being able to contact the server, perhaps because of high traffic or because the server is temporarily down for maintenance. If this error persists, particularly if you see it only on one blabber and not on the entire site, let us know here.
    • Player Error: Absent ID. What's that mean?

      This happens when the player wasn't told which blabber to play. This usually only happens when an embed code is copied incorrectly - double check you've got it right. If that doesn't work, or you think the problem is somethin else, contact us here.
      Some websites that are particularly strict about embeds may also mangle the embed code. We can't really do anything about that one, you'd have to contact the folks running the site you're trying to embed on.
  • Blabber Creator Errors

    • Blabber Creator Error: Can't connect to recording server.

      You get this when you try to use a microphone to record, but you can't connect to our recording server.
      Most likely, this means that there are a lot of other people trying to record at once, and if you keep trying you'll get in.
      This might mean that you're behind a restrictive firewall that's blocking ports 1935 and 8088, and being particularly picky about what's allowed on port 80. Opening these ports, or just 1935, might help.
      It might also mean that our recording server is down, and we'll have to restart it.
      This error should be pretty rare nowadays - if it happens, let us know here.
    • Blabber Creator Error: Unsupported audio format on upload.

      This happens when our system can't decide how to convert your audio. In theory, we support wav and mp3 audio files, but there are so many different formats for both we can't guarantee there aren't a few left that won't cause problems.
      To make matters worse, some audio editing programs have a habit of generating files named wav or mp3, but with entirely different contents.
      We'll eventually track down all the remaining errant formats, but until then: if you have trouble with an audio upload, you might try running the file through Audacity, an excellent free and open-source audio editing utility. Save it as a a fixed-rate mp3 file, or as a raw PCM wav, and that doesn't fix things, contact us here.
    • Blabber Creator Error: Unsupported image format on upload.

      We currently only support jpeg, gif, and png files for images - not bmp, tiff, doc, etc.
      There are plenty of free programs available to convert images from one format to another. A particularly powerful free, open-source image editing suite is GiMP, which can be found here.